About Us


“I find it odd when any designer changes the aesthetic of a collection based on trend or season. For me it’s about playing with color and fabrications and never losing sight of the DNA.” Dann’s fashion inspiration began at an early age landing a job at 14 for luxury footwear company Maraolo. At Marolo, Dann worked with many prominent companies, including Georgio Armani and Donna Karen. After studying business management and marketing in college, Dann worked for a succession of elite brands made up of Escada, Gucci, Georgio Armani, Burberry, Donna Karan and Versace. This lead to the opening of his first New York boutique in 2005, featuring the top designers in the industry. After many years of success at his retail locations, Dann launched his shoe line STEVEN DANN.


“What is missing today in men’s clothing is a consistent fit. It is too often I find clothing I love, that does not fit the way I would like. Clothing should look as good on the body as it does to the eye.” Rudes grew up in denim environment. At age 18 he began working with his father at JBrand Jeans. At JBrand, Rudes learned the process of how to make denim, and how to build a clothing company. After years working behind the scenes, he opened a retail store in 2008. Over the years Rudes has helped launch a number of clothing brands, but always felt there was something missing in the market. Listening to all his customer’s feedback at his retail store, Rudes began experimenting to create a jean that fits a true man’s body.

At MONFRÈRE, Creative Director Steven Dann brings his fashion expertise to partner with Sean Rudes’ denim experience, bringing a new and unique men’s fashion brand. 


clothing is the most important thing we have, for without it we are truly naked