Denim Guide

Denim Guide




Lightweight Stretch Denim: 8oz stretch denim.

Comfort Stretch Denim: 10oz stretch denim.

Soft Touch Denim: 11oz denim with a soft touch on the inside.



- Denim is a fabric that changes shape and color depending on how it is worn, and used.

- Light washes will change color with time as they come in contact with light and moisture.

- Indigo and Rigid denim will become lighter and softer the more they are worn.

- Dark blue denim has a tendency to bleed blue. It is recommended to wear with dark colors. If any color bleeds onto other fabric, a simple wash will take the color away.

- We recommend buying a fitted size, and as you wear the jeans the fabric will stretch and mold to your body.


- It is best to wash denim as little as possible.

- If washed, run in a delicate cycle inside out.

- Always hang dry denim. Drying machines will slightly shrink the garment, and take some of the color away.